The Adventure Series

Wanderlust The Adventure Series

Feel like shutting down that phone and laptop, packing your bags, and taking a refreshing, rejuvenating break away from the madding crowd of the city, the mundane enclosure of a hotel room and the usual holiday spots? Then it’s time to getaway in the true swashbuckling style and explore the great outdoors in one of a kind, premium Bullston off road bumper pull camping trailers. All you have to do is tank up, get charged, latch on the amazing trailer to your vehicle and drive on, in the true spirit of adventure.

One amazing ride for the road and off road

The Bullston bumper pull camping trailers are truly ‘one amazing ride for the road and off road’, offering an experience of a lifetime with its compact size, fantastic features and accessories, and solid steel body and fiber glass interior. From a chic little kitchenette, a showering area, soft bedding to charging points, storage facility, water tank and three day battery backup, the Bullston camper trailers are the ideal adventure company for the wanderlust in you. Now, you can drive to any destination, park at a picturesque spot and switch to holiday mode.

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Unlock adventure with our limited-edition trailer price starting at just $25,470! Don't miss out on this incredible offer. Your journey awaits at an unbeatable value.

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About Us

Established in 2016, Bullston Group of Industries has revolutionized the trailer business and manufacturing in the Indian sub continent. In a short span of time, Bullston has emerged as a market leader and trail blazed into a leading brand of multi use trailer manufacturer and distributor in India, and globally with presence in Canada, USA and New Zealand. Conceived, conceptualized and owned by Harjit S Rai, Bullston is an industry benchmark in premium quality trailers.

A name synonymous with safety, reliability and quality Bullston has the competitive advantage of being the first mover at scale in the Indian trailer market, a grossly neglected segment in dire need of a well researched, professionally built, safe and durable product of international standard. Bullston trailers are a passion project of visionary entrepreneur Harjit S Rai. A world class rider who has seen the equestrian world from close quarters, it is Harjit’s relentless hardwork, pursuit for perfection, years of experience and extensive knowledge of trailers that has catapulted Bullston to a first class trailer brand. His love for animals, especially horses, lust for adventure and a keen sense of design lends his products a premium edge.

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Why Bullston

Because no one knows trailers like we do. Whether you need a workhorse or a bumper pull camper van for the weekend, we have a trailer for you. Our aim is to provide quality affordable floats and trailers, that are safe and reliable for both - transportation and adventure. We at Bullston are committed to providing highest customer service. Our broad exposure and acceptance within the marketplace has made Bullston the preferred choice with dealers and customers alike. We believe in:

Customer satisfaction
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Value for money
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Superior craftsmanship
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Safety, stability, durability
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Constant improvement and innovation
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Worldwide presence, network and distribution
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Made in India
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Safe & Reliable
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The Adventure Series Features

Bullston yeti comes with Standard

18 inch alloy wheels

32 inch all terrain tyres

Independent coil spring suspension

Gas filled dual shocks each side<

Overall length 14 feet

Weight 1200 lb and GVWR1830 lb

30 liter cooler

Kitchen sink with gravity flow water tap

Fireproof fiberglass interior

Sony bluetooth stereo with 4 sony speakers (2 inside 2 in kitchen galley )

2 usb and 1 usb c charging post inside

1 usb and 1 usb-c port in kitchen area

2 led lights inside

2 reading lights

2 12 volt fan

1 exhaust fan

Small bed for your small pet

Led light in kitchen

12 volt lifepo4 battery 100 AMP

50 amp fast charging

150 liter fresh water tank( easy top up)

12 gallon gray water tank

Outside shower

Led side markers and rear lights

Standard 2 inch ball coupler

10 inch electric drum breaks

6 inch thick foldable high spec mattress

2 glass holders

11 liter propane tank

22 inch ground clearance

Roof mounted spare tyre

Breakaway braking system preinstalled for electronic braking

License plate light

7 pin wiring harness

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Horse Trailers & Floats

With their steadily growing presence across India, Bullston have raised the bar by providing the finest horse trailers and floats through their extensive range of trailers at incredibly affordable prices.

Whether it’s to a trail ride or the show arena, Bullston trailers are being pulled in all directions. That’s because there’s a Bullston trailer designed to meet the needs of every family, entry-level or professional horseman. From bumper pulls to deluxe living quarters to trainer trailers, each Bullston is built with precision, unique features and options to meet specific customer needs. As the premier manufacturer of horse trailers, Bullston offers uncompromising value, ease of maintenance, customized designs and a broad dealer network with first-rate customer service.

Theseare ideal for long distance transportation of horses. Available in all shapes and sizes, they range from simple horse trailers to luxury mobile homes; and make for a safe travelling option for your horses. Made of galvanized steel, these trailers are customised with valuable features for your convenience – from tack cabinets, additional storage space for hay and bedding to water containers,groom’s seating and table etc, are some of the standard accessories available. All horse floats come equipped with windows that allow plenty of light and fresh air, and ramp placement for easy access.

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Thank you for considering Bullston Group of Industries. if you have any inquiries, require more information about our premium quality trailers, or wish to explore potential collaborations, we'd love to hear from you.

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