Our Story

Bullston can be defined as a revolution in horse transportation in the Indian market.As a leading brand of Horse Trailer manufacturer in India, Bullston was a brain child of a horse lover who spent years riding, breeding and communicating with the horses in Italy. He understood their needs and demands with a language that is only common among horse owners and their horses. Harjit Singh Rai, the owner of Bullston understands the need for proper transportation of horses. Given the state of Indian roads and no special means of transportation available for the horses, Mr. Rai spent considerable time doing R&D work to find an optimal solution. Whether it’s to a trail ride or the show arena, Bullston trailers can be used for any horse transportation need.That’s because there’s a Bullston trailer designed to meet the needs of entry-level or professional horsemen. From bumper pulls to deluxe living quarters and to trainer trailers, each Bullston is built with unique features and options to meet specific customer needs.

Our History

Bullston a company of, by and for horse lovers was conceived by Harjit Singh Rai an avid rider and animal lover who was peeved and concerned about the treatment meted out to the horses in India during transportation. Having spent better part of his life in the USA and Italy where the love for animals is paramount and is not dictated by the other sundry factors. With his experience and research of two decades decided to provide the horse lovers in India and option for safe and secure transportation of their love ..the horses.
The hard work paid dividends with the production of the first horse carriage trailer which was successfully completing the field trail. Capable of carrying two horses the trailer has the finesse safety measures and comfort matching international standards and is slated to change the face of transportation in India. Not limiting itself to trailers the company is taking big steps in its way towards introducing new concepts in the field of equestrian, be it the need based designer stables or fabrication of floats and horse supplements
and many more….

Our Mission

Design and manufacture the most respected and recognized lines of trailers. Our broad exposure and acceptance within the marketplace has made Bullston the preferred choice with dealers and customers alike.

Our Team

We bring a crafted and inspired approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

Harjit Singh Rai
V.P. Global Marketing
V.P. North America Marketing
V.P. Operations India
Manager India Marketing
Executive Assistant To C.E.O